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Lemon-aid Implementation

Salesforce® is a versatile and powerful platform that when implemented properly can lead to business growth, increased productivity and a great return on your investment. When it’s done improperly you’re left with bad data and reporting you can’t trust, leading to unnecessary disappointment and frustration. Maybe you’ve had Salesforce® for some time, but has it kept up with your business growth and process changes? Does it do everything you need it to do? If it works but can do better, we’ll help evolve your current system into the best it can be.

What’s Included

Discovery & Business Process Review

A Salesforce Certified Consultant will meet with you to review and understand your current configuration and it’s pitfalls.  We’ll work with you and your team to understand your needs and propose a solution to meet them on your schedule and timeline.

Configuration & Data Improvement

Based on the findings of your Discovery, we’ll modify and configure your Salesforce® solution. We’ll improve the integrity of your existing database, modify or create new reports, then set up validation & workflow rules to ensure accurate data entry in the future.

End User Training & Support

We’ll re-train you and your staff around the updated system and processes.  We’ll show your end users how Salesforce® can make them more productive and successful.  Rest assured that our staff will be there to help and support you and your team to ensure success with your new and improved Salesforce platform.