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Client Testimonials

The CRM Firm’s team is terrific.   They understood our needs and were able to execute quickly.  As our needs changed, The CRM Firm was able to support us throughout that process.   I would recommend them without hesitation.

VP of Sales

Tax Guard

The CRM Firm was instrumental in customizing Salesforce for our needs and integrating it with our website.   Highly recommended!

Managing Partner

Taggart Insurance

The CRM Firm worked with us to define workflow processes, an implementation project scope of work and related budget. I am thrilled that I chose them as our consultant to implement Salesforce into our organization. It would have been nearly impossible to implement in a timely manner without their assistance. They were professional, competent and flexible. Thanks again The CRM Firm, you did a great job and adhered to our budget. I would highly recommend this company to other customers implementing Salesforce as well.

Tim Painton

Guardian Broadband

The CRM Firm has been a valuable resource in enhancing our Salesforce implementation.  They solved a number of business process issues through creative solutions.  Overall they are talented, always willing to consult and deliver in a timely manner. 

Daniel Burk

CU Service Network

We want to thank the CRM Firm for their help in getting us up and running in Salesforce and keeping us running efficiently as a company as we grow in a very dynamic industry. The CRM Firm took us from our endless excel spreadsheets, losing data, double data entry, etc. and brought us to a company that prides itself being able to produce at high volume levels and never miss a beat. We highly recommend The CRM Firm to any growing company that is looking to streamline systems in this growing economy. 

Jim Menard

Five Star Painting

Stephanie, Katie, and the team at The CRM Firm make using Salesforce easy!  At first, we were a little bit intimidated by all the capabilities and functionality available in Salesforce, but with the assistance of The CRM Firm we were set up and using the product quickly.  They are always happy to help and when we call they take the time to truly understand our needs and issues in order to create valuable solutions in our software environment.

Jasmine Munro

Taggart Insurance

The CRM Firm helped me navigate through all of Salesforce’s features by assisting me whenever needed with questions and training. The result was my being able to understand and use Salesforce to it's potential. One of the many things I liked was their friendly, professional, and helpful demeanor, and their ability to explain things in easy to understand terms. I continue to find my experience with them extremely helpful. I recommend The CRM Firm to anyone who needs a trusted resource for all Salesforce issues.

Gina Rodriguez-Gross

Pure Luxury Transportation

We’ve worked with The CRM Firm for almost one year.  Some of our customization requirements would have required significant research and trial/error on our part so having The CRM Firm assist with the more complex ones has saved us a lot of time and effort.  Their team’s professionalism, response time and expertise have been impressive.  Plus they’re fun to work with.

Behrad Karbassi


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